Your Life

 One Day, One on One Workshop

with Tabetha McHugh

Have you had enough of going around in circles?

Possible outcomes of the workshop are;


Heightened self awareness


Increased levels of inner peace

The release of long held emotional pain and response to past trauma Increased Clarity

Increased levels of self expression

A greater understanding of yourself and what you can achieve with new tools Self Respect

A taking back of your power Insight into where or whom you give your power away to unknowingly more of what you want in your life and less of you don’t


Renewed optimism for your future


Dismantling of destructive behaviour



Please note that this workshop is not a coaching plan. It is a very unique process for every individual, as every individual has a different set of experiences that will provide very different light bulb and breakthrough moments. Tabetha has worked continuously for the last 15 years to successfully employ her Psychic and Healing senses to identify programs and scripts that are operating deep within an individual that keep the individual stuck and not living up to their full potential.


As we are all aware, the art of letting go, is still quite a mystery to most and for a lot of us, we have simply told ourselves that we have let something or someone go, only to realise later on in life, that we have simply tucked or swept it to the side... out of sight out of mind so to speak.


Tabetha’s unique methodology of accessing these programs and scripts also includes giving you the tools for you to carry on identifying and releasing these Limiting Belief Systems on your own after the workshop. The shifts within yourself that you will experience throughout the days workshop will be second to none and you will probably wonder why you hadn’t done this process sooner. The clarity that these processes will give you will be extremely gratifying and liberating.


For some individuals, this workshop will enable them to take their power back from past trauma, past experiences or even within current relationships. It has certainly helped Tabetha herself recover from a multitude of heavy experiences in her life, which is why she continues to work with people in this manner, as she has seen and felt the huge advantages of this work. Not for the faint of heart,  Tabetha’s work will go deep and for certain individuals this might be uncomfortable for a moment or two, however part of Tabetha’s method is to provide resolution within the individual on the clients terms... meaning... the client’s higher self is actually doing all the communication with Tabetha’s Higher Self and Psychic Senses.


Tabetha takes pride providing a safe and encouraging environment for you to explore all that you need to create the shift within you that, not only do you crave, but also deserve...


The day will be full of surprises and you will feel a sense of relief having gone through the day and allowed yourself to receive every bit of knowledge about yourself you have been hiding from yourself. Can all of this actually happen over the phone or via a video call you ask... Well yes, because Tabetha has been working with people all over the world, remotely for the last 15 years.


Are you ready to transform your life?

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